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Ronda Stevenson

Saturday, October 5, 2013

The Ultimate Project

Raising kids is the most important DIY project you will ever attempt. It is the most difficult, the most exhausting, the most painful, the most frightening. It is also the most wonderfully amazing, magical and critical masterpiece that you will ever create.

It's not a paint brush that you can put away at sundown or place in a drawer until the creative spark strikes again. Once the canvas is begun, the creation is yours to continue. With children it's much more difficult to paint over the mistakes you make, harsh words, inattention or careless behavior. There is no do over.

The lessons you teach your children are in everything you say and do, every word, every touch, every example. For the rest of your existence you will be loving, teaching, guiding these wonderful creatures you have welcomed into your life. They will emulate you, the good the bad and the embarrassing.

You will spend the rest of your life learning the lessons of parenthood.

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