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Ronda Stevenson

Friday, January 6, 2012

My Foster Baby

As some of you know, foster children were a big part of my life for several years. With the help of my young daughter, Savannah, I cared for 15 infants and young children. One of these precious children came into our home at four weeks old and remained with us until he was 14 months old. A child who touched my heart for life, he moved to his adoptive home, finally with his 'forever' mommy, daddy and big sister. He is now six years old. We have had the great fortune to remain close to them and to embrace them as our own extended family. They graciously share their lives and their love with us. Below is picture of 'our' little boy with his forever mom.

This new mother was herself adopted into a large, loving American family that includes multiple adoptees. An infant living in an orphanage in Vietnam, she was flown out on the last plane evacuating orphans at the end of the Vietnam war. Here is the picture taken of her just after arriving in the United States.

Having been in the U.S. since infancy, she now travels back to Vietnam frequently, even taking her children with her, working to make a difference in the lives of the many young orphans who are still victims of the war.

The war in Vietnam has been over for decades but the casualties still mount. Lives are devastated by Agent Orange, including children who are born with heartbreaking malformations and terminal illnesses. Cluster bombs remain buried, ominously waiting for innocent victims, including Vietnam's vulnerable children.

"Vietnam Volunteer Network is a non-profit organization that provides medical care, food supplies, and educational books & toys to the children and carers at the orphanages and Peace Villages they support." (borrowed from the VVN site)

For more information please email
International Mobile: +44 (0) 7813 11 22 16
Facebook: Vietnam Volunteer Network page
Skype: VietnamVolunteerNetwork
Twitter: @VietnamVNetwork

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