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Ronda Stevenson

Monday, December 9, 2013

Writing for My Life!

I've always loved to write. To pull thoughts and words from my brain and place them on 'paper' is therapy. I love to search for just the right word to express my feeling.  It's like 'Finding Waldo' at times. The word 'search and find' feels magical at times. When sharing with others, I discover bits of me. I write letters and notes to my family, poetry, song lyrics and write in a journal. Now I write my blog, which is like a journal. Writing has always been very personal and typically reserved for close friends and family.

For many years I've had a notion about writing children's books, but it was always vague and hidden behind a mysterious cloud. It was something that others did...authors...professionals...creative people. Not me.

In spite of my fears, in spite of the harsh critic in my head, I have finally discovered that elusive dream. I am choosing to follow it. I am going to write a children's book. In fact, I even have thoughts rolling around in my head for a series of books for kids. This is the closest I've ever been to doing something specific just for me. It's a dream not defined by anything or anyone else. It's not dependent on the needs or demands of others. It's just for me.

I've gone so far as to register for a week-long children's book writing workshop to be held in Oregon next summer. I've even reserved my lodging accommodations for the week. I still have to make flight reservations and rent a car. At times, I feel as if I'm jumping into the fire without protective gear. Just attending the workshop is a huge financial and emotional commitment. It's scary on both counts. But, I remain confident that by pressing forward and investing the hard work, I will succeed. The funding will come through and trust in myself will grow and strengthen. I feel confident. Sort of. As I've said before, I am a work in progress.

I trust that as long as I persevere and strive for clarity and focus, doors will open for me and people will come into my life to help and advise me. I know that I can't do this by myself. It requires financing beyond my current income and it takes time that isn't always easy to find. But, I truly believe that this path is the right one for me. It suits me.

I have a dream. I HAVE A DREAM! It feels quite amazing. I am building the foundation. No longer in the cloud, no longer obscured by my own fears...I have a dream. This is where the "critique" from friends and family comes in. Although I may not be ready for brutal feedback, this journey requires truly honest, thought-provoking ideas, comment and opinions from you. I am open and appreciative. Thank you.

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